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The Iowa Hunter Education Instructor Association is the organized body of Iowa Hunter Education Instructors who, with the close working relationship with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, is a body  that can be used by hunters and by the state to increase the reputation of the sport of hunting. This can be accomplished by educating hunters so that they can become more aware and knowledgeable in an effort to reduce the number of hunting accidents which take place in the state, and to help preserve the environment and natural resources. If the goals of the association are met, then hunting will enjoy a positive reputation and the sport will grow.  The Association is now entering its 15th year.  

The Iowa Hunter's Education Program was put into place to educate the hunter. With the knowledge gained, Iowa hunters will have the ability to become safer and more responsible hunters. This knowledge is taught in two different ways. First, it is in the form of a computer based training class, where a series of segments are presented to the student and there is a brief test at the end of each segment, then upon completion of the computer class, a certificate is presented, which is presented in the required "Field Day" portion of this class.  The second, is in a course which has a 10 hour minimum requirement. During this time, the individual will be exposed to classes which teach them firearm safety, hunting rules and regulations, firearm care, marksmanship, hunter responsibility, wildlife identification, harvested game field care, survival, first aid, wildlife management and the importance of preventing hunting accidents. These classes are open to any who wishes to take it, prospective attendees under the age of 12 are encouraged to wait until they are at least 6 months from their 12th birthday before participating in the course as they will not receive all the benefits of the course until they are 12 years old. There are no state fees to pay to help cover the costs of the program, but all prospective attendees are encouraged to preregister to ensure they will have a spot in the course.  Not only can this knowledge help them become better hunters, it can save a life.

The Iowa Hunter Education Instructor Association was formed to help promote the hunter education program as well as other programs such as YHEC, BOW, Hunt of a Lifetime.  With donations and fund raising, we can help provide educational materials and sponsor kids that might not otherwise have an opportunity to experience the sport of hunting.    


Members of the IHEIA Staff (for 2019-2020)

Board of Directors and District Representatives

President: Jim Amlong

Vice President: Marc Bartee

Secretary: Jeanne Baugous

Treasurer:  Rick Cerwick

District 1 - Tim Kroger, Brian Peterson

District 2 - Bonnie SchandorfF

District 3 -  Lisa McIntyre 

District 4 - Bruce Bindewald & Jim Onorato

District 5 -  Chris Bartee, Nicole

District 6 - Gregg Deaver


Board Committees 

Membership Chairman:  Lisa Mcintyre

Conference Planning:  Rick Cerwick

DNR:  Megan Wisecup, Jeffery Barnes, Allen Crouse


Web Wizard -   Scott Wilson 
                                     Myra Venge - Technical Assistant

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