Board Meeting Minutes of the 

Iowa Hunter Education Instructor Association


 IHEIA Meeting Agenda  

May 12, 2018

Olofson Shooting Range 

Polk City, IA

40:00 PM

 Establish conference call

 Call Meeting to order

 Introductions, if needed

 Approve agenda

 Review and approve last meetings minutes

 Review and approve treasurers report

 Membership report

 DNR report

 IHEA-USA 2018 Conference Updates

   June 25th 28th, 2018

   Attendees list - finalized

 Old Business

         2018 Banquet Review

 New Business

   2018-2019 Officers & Directors Nominations/Elections






 IHEIA Meeting Minutes 

January 13, 2018

Sportsman's Warehouse 

Ankeny , IA


Submitted May 12, 2018 ... 


The IHEIA their first meeting of 2018 on Sat Jan 13th, 2018 at Sportsman's Warehouse. The meeting was called to order by Rick Cerwick at 10:30 a.m. The following members were presentGregg Deaver, Jim Amlong, Lisa McIntyre, Marc Bartee, Chris Bartee, Bill Sterner, Bonny Schandorff, Jennifer Lancaster, Scott Wilson, Bruce Bindewald, Jeanne Baugous and Megan Wisecup. Members by phone were John Sears and Tim Kroger.

Jim A. motioned to approve the agenda, seconded by Lisa M. voting of all ayes.

A motion by Bill S. to approve the minutes seconded by Jim A. all ayes.

Motion by Jim A. seconded by Marc B. to reimburse Bill S. $100.00 for the payment of Bonding Insurance he made from his personal acct., all ayes

Jim A motioned to accept the Treasure's report as presented seconded by Jennifer L.

Megan gave her report about upcoming events involving hunter education opportunities.

A motion made by Jim A. seconded by Lisa M. to become a Partners Sponsor of TIP with the amount not to exceed $250.00, all ayes.

Discussion items;

Membership renewal will be an Outdoor edge Knife at workshops and a Knife or Processing set statewide all memberships.

Banquet tickets will be $15.00. Raffle tickets will be $2.00. Items that will be given away will be a Henry 22 or Genesis Bow.

Lisa motioned seconded by Gregg S. to purchase a $200.00 Visa and a $100.00 Visa as prizes and also various gift cards in the amount of $50.00 with hopefully maybe some donated.

Banquet July 14, 2018 @ Izaak Walton 11077 90thSt., Ottumwa, IA. Events starting approx 2:00p.m.-5:00p.m. will be training / practice workshops 5:00-6:00 social hour 6:00p.m. Dinner.

Setup will begin approx. noon.

Marc motioned to set the priceof Hunter Ed. Hoodies at $30 for adults and $15 for kids

and $50 shipped to address which will be available at workshops, seconded by Jim A., all ayes.

Workshop meeting assignments were discussed.

Bill S. motioned to adjourn seconded by Gregg at 12:00.





      As with all of our meetings the agenda is open.   If any member has a desire to interject a comment or question please feel free to do so at any time.   Were always open to input that may improve the way our organization is run.   Even negative comments are appreciated, as they can show us areas in which we need to improve.  


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