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These are news bits, comments, event and activity announcements, that may not always
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        see what we can do about publishing it.  Once again, our Email address is: 
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1.  IHEIA Annual Banquet   June 29th - See Below

     Next IHEIA Meetings:  September 7, 2019 ; November 23, 2019 ; January 18, 2020
             Meetings held at:  Sportsman's Warehouse, Ankeny, Iowa    At 10:00am 

.  Events:

Major Gun Shows:     For 2019    

Cedar Rapids, IA                     Des Moines, IA                           Des Moines, IA
Hawkeye Downs                      Adventureland                       Iowa State Fairgrounds
(No Dates Provided)             (No Dates Provided)                  Jun 28th - 30th
, 2019
                                                                                           Sep 20th - 22nd, 2019
                                                                                           Oct 25th - 27th, 2019
                                                                                           Nov 29th - Dec 1st, 2019

Scholastic Action Shooting Program - State Tournament - June 1 & 2, at Olofson Range (Polk City, Iowa)



    Olofson (Polk City, Iowa) Range Educational Courses for 2019

        13 June - Rifle Basics with Shooting
        15 June - Concealed Carry
        20 June - Handgun Basics with Shooting
        26 June-28 June - Hunting and Conservation Camp - 12-15 Year Old Men and Women
        11 July - Handgun Basics with Shooting
        13 July - Beyond BOW - Trap and Skeet
        15 July-17 July - Hunting and Conservation Camp - 12-15 Year Old Men and Women
        25 July - Bowhunting 101 for Hunters
        27 July - Beyond BOW - Rifle / Handgun
        29 July-31 July - Hunting and Conservation Camp - 12-15 Year Old Men and Women

Remainder of the Calendar Year, to be displayed later

If anyone has an appropriate event to be promoted here on this site, please contact us with the information.  Provide full details and special interest information.  Send to our Web Yahoo address.


The DNR has opened up the Shotgun 1 and 2 seasons to include rifles as well as shotguns and pistols.  Basically it allows rifles that use pistol cartridges along with the traditional 45-70 Government ammunition.  Check the DNR site or Hunting Regulations for the formal listings allowed.  


The 2019 IHEIA Annual Banquet has been set to:  June 29, 2019

Location:  1827 217th Rd., Boone, IA

That is at the intersection of Highway 30 and Highway 17, between Boone and Ames

Social:  5-6pm     Dinner:  6-7pm      Awards/Auction:  starting at 7:00pm


DNR Contacts 

Megan Wisecup is the Recreational Safety Programs Supervisor and the Hunter Education Coordinator  Email     cell: 515-238-4968

Allen Crouse RSO for District 6 (Recreational Safety Officer)  
Email cell 515-238-4955

Jeff Barnes RSO  Dist. 5
Email cell 515-290-4907

Terry Nims RSO Dist. 4
Email cell 563-357-1812

Pat Jorgensen RSO Dist. 2
Email    cell 319-240-8640

Marty Eby RSO Dist. 1
Email   cell 712- 260-1036

Rhonda Fowler   , ATV and Snowmobile Education
Email    cell: 515-975-8569 Office: 515-281-3208

David Downing Snowmobile and ATV Coordinator
Email    cell 515-238-3564

Susan Stocker   Boating Education Coordinator and Boating Law Administrator
Email:     office : 515/281-0122

Chris Van Gorp     Shooting Sports Coordinator and Ranges
Email:    office: 515-281-0140

Donise Grygierczyk     Outreach Coordinator
Email:    cell: 515-205-8709

Generic Hunter Education email

If you have any suggestions you would like to see added in our newsletter or listserve please let the program staff know at   or email

Thanks for being a Hunter Education instructor!!   



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